So A few years ago I wrote a short story, and I honesty totally forgot about it. But hey I thought I would drop a link for it and If anyone wants to go check it out, let me know! Also, I'm thinking of using wattpad again. If anyway uses it a lot, give me... Continue Reading →

The Hummingbird Blogger Award 

Welcome! You have been awarded The Hummingbird Blogger Award! Why Hummingbird? The hummingbird represents joy and happiness.  We could all stand to spread a little more joy and happiness, right? I created this award. At Least I hope so, I haven't read of anyone naming an award the hummingbird award.  Feel free to read through... Continue Reading →

Sail Away

Photo by Julia Volk on We are two ships in the night. Your ship is approaching the dock. My ship is westward bound.  I want to make it back to you, at the dock. You want to make it back to me, in the west. Let’s just keep sailing. I’ll sit my compass down.... Continue Reading →

I would have told you

Nights like tonight make me think of you. Crisp air, and smoky bonfires filled the air. I wish I could go back. I wish that you were still here. I would take you anyway I got you. But I can't go back. That's the reality and it slices my heart into.  If I could go... Continue Reading →

The one where I blogged

The gang is back together! The friends reunion is finally here! It was worth the wait! I laughed and cried equally! ( but where was Paul Rudd aka Mike) Friends is my comfort show, no matter what im going through its always a home! So with it finally out, I thought there is no better... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me Tag 💕 So I came across a blog that had this tag.  Harper had some amazing answers and it led me down the rabbit hole to read the tag that Harper, got it from which was Sarah , and well Sarah got it from Petya . Anyway I just wanted to give them the shout... Continue Reading →

The Unique Blogger Award

  I love getting these awards. First, because its always nice to be acknowledged by a another blogger. Secondly, because it gives other bloggers the same acknowledgement. So a big thank you to Stephen for nominating me!     Rules Display the award Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their... Continue Reading →

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